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What Makes
Us Different?

Vertical integration makes Cypress Search stand tall amongst the competition

What is Vertical integration? Vertical integration means that, at Cypress Search, we get to know key decision-makers throughout our client’s organizational structure. Vertical integration enables a much deeper understanding of the types of candidates that would be a natural fit. It is an understanding that significantly reduces unnecessary candidate submission, saving time by targeting high probability individuals.

Cypress Search has a very high submission-to-hire ratio which means fewer resumes are presented. This value-added strategy — to send a select few, highly qualified professionals that match the job specification and are also a cultural fit — is appreciated by both clients and candidates.

Simply stated, companies know that Cypress Search will not send candidates who don’t fit key qualifying and cultural parameters. This approach appeals to HR and hiring managers because it respects the time it takes to thoroughly and effectively gauge the fit of only the very best talent.

The Cypress Search brand is known for close relationships with its valued clients:

  • Exceptional market knowledge and overall business acumen enable Cypress to quickly understand the big picture (e.g., what the client wants, why they want it, where to find it and how to deliver it).
  • High-caliber candidates screened to fit the position, the company and its culture.
  • Excellent follow-through with both candidate and company (throughout the hiring process) to ensure a smooth interview, and to offer negotiation and on-boarding processes.

Here is what one placed candidate had to say about Cypress Search:

“I have come to known Bernie over the past five years and he has, in fact, procured me several coveted positions within the Lehigh Valley. Bernie is a consummate professional who put my interests first and foremost. He has a tremendous grasp of the Lehigh Valley employment scene whether it is in good times or bad. He went to bat for me during negotiations, and I also took his counsel on varying facets during the negotiating process. I would definitely recommend Bernie to anyone who is looking for a new endeavor or opportunity.”

Oracle DBA, International Cement Manufacturing Company

Cypress Search as viewed by a valued corporate client:

“Bernie has provided our firm with superior-quality service for many years. We have developed an excellent working relationship with Bernie and respect his judgment and counsel in regard to hiring topnotch technical talent. He is a very creative and resourceful Recruiter. He is punctual at every step in the process. I highly recommend Bernie for your staffing needs. His top qualities: great results, personable, expert.”

Senior HR Professional, International Manufacturing Company