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About Cypress Search


Matching candidates and companies is as much art as it is a science. You need to find both a technical and a cultural fit. Our collaborative approach allows Cypress search to thoroughly understand client needs and ultimately match candidates that fit both the culture of a firm and the technical requirements of the position.

Keeping pace with today’s rapidly evolving security landscape is challenging. And while the right technology is important, it takes effective, engaged and highly skilled employees to ensure long range organizational success.

Connecting the right people with the right company is key. No one connects them more effectively than Cypress Search.

Our collaborative and consultative approach ensures a deep understanding of not only position requirements but also organizational culture. At Cypress Search we strive to find that natural fit that is essential for success in today’s highly competitive technology environment.

The seeds of our success:

  • Sourcing “hard to find” IT security professionals
  • Utilization of advanced search techniques
  • Leveraging market knowledge — knowing where to find the right candidates
  • Extensive contacts with high-caliber professionals
  • Reputation — top professionals find us

Cypress Search offers a national reach and has recruiting partners in all major U.S. locations. Call Cypress Search today.